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Travel inspiration – your way

Obscure travel destinations, tried and trusted locations, your choice – your way. Wherever you travel across the world there is always inside knowledge to help you make the best of it. I hope that sharing some of my experiences with you will help to inspire your own future journeys and experiences.

Poshmum’s dream travel experiences

Travelling wise is to be prepared – I always research locations before venturing into them, to check entry requirements and current government advice etc. I do take note of review sites although you do sometimes need to remain sceptical, and be aware of rogue reviews or even those that are overly wax-lyrical. I believe that discovering new horizons and learning from different cultures has broadened my life experience in a positive way. I hope that sharing these with you will be entertaining, and perhaps enlightening. I also consider that closer to home places are just as important to visit – there are some beautiful places in the UK and Europe that I have begun to cover – many more pages will follow when time permits. Cornwall at Easter 2019 was stunning, and the weather amazing.

If USA road trips float your boat, I have now written about several of these in the USA section (from American Civil War sites to the Wild West) – as well as an extra special City trip to New York last year. I have also been fortunate enough to venture into several Asian countries, to date I have written about Japan, Singapore, China and Uzbekistan – please click on the Asia section for details.

Above all, if you like the blog please follow it, and maybe share the love of travel experiences with others. Although I have some fabulous images on these pages, they are not staged photos and do not rely on special effects or intricate filters – nor do I make or expect to make any income whatsoever from these pages – (haha although I probably wouldn’t say no!) – please also feel free to follow my Instagram page, and/or twitter page.




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