Scotland, raw, incredibly beautiful and timeless

Well, these unprecedented times put paid to our planned USA roadtrip, but coming to Scotland, although different in these circumstances has at least been possible, maybe poshmumsjourneys can start a little sooner – without the usual travel lag or indeed getting over cheap in-flight wine alongside the dehydration. Follow our Scottish alternative road roam……….. Have … More Scotland, raw, incredibly beautiful and timeless


When I wrote this post nothing was further from my mind that Cornwall as well as the rest of the world would become affected by this terrible Covid-19 pandemic. My nephew lives there and for many months we were envious that this incredibly beautiful area was able to enjoy a near normal existence compared to … More Cornwall

Romania – Bucharest

Overview: Bucharest is an interesting  and very ancient city.  It’s mid to late 20th Century history however centres on its then prevailing communist regime, which was overthrown during the 1989 revolution and the death of  Nicolae Ceaușescu, who was responsible for commissioning the building of the (almost grotesquely opulent) Parliament Palace.  This and many other attractions … More Romania – Bucharest