Lisbon, Portugal and around

Get here: We chose Air France, given their good connections to Lisbon via Paris Charles de Gaulle. 2 fairly short legs, bit like me really! Just enough time for Poshmum to enjoy a glass of wine!

2021 may not bring opportunity for a return visit as very sadly the Covid-19 pandemic mutation is rapidly spreading in the UK. Memories and hopes need to keep us all going for now and for some time to come. Do treasure what you can in these challenging times.

Moody Spring skyline with Lisbon Castle high on the hillside

Stay here: was delighted to get a golden age deal at the Plaza Heritage hotel great historic hotel with plush rooms, buffet breakfast complete with nespresso coffee and Sekt, complimentary tea and coffee in the lounge and a tipple of port in the evenings, for around £125 a night. The team here are superb, anticipating your needs – handy when you like a glass of wine in the evening!

Get around: a very walkable city and day cards for about €6.40 are good value and help take the strain of clambering up what is surely more than 7 hills here! Spend about €10.40 and your day card will take you to places like Caiscais and Estoril along the stunning coastline railway.

Colourful Lisbon trolley buses and trams

You will be offered rides in tuk-tuk contraptions in all the touristy areas, we saw one bosh into a car at a junction, tipping its unfortunate passenger onto the concrete, hopefully the poor lady was okay.

Food and drink in Lisbon a wide choice of restaurants and cafes will please most tastes and budgets. Do try the famous Portuguese cod, plenty of octopus too if that floats your boat! Tapas in the afternoon alongside a delicious vinho Verde goes down a treat. Oh and those amazing custard pastries!

Tapas n Friends, Alfama district, Lisbon:

Not so good was a dim sum outlet in a shopping mall where I weirdly found small pieces of glass in my sui mai! Not a good day as Poshmum received a bird deposit later in the day (why do people console you by saying this is lucky?)

Estufa Fria

See this: Just loved the Estufa Fria, a subtropical haven arising from a former quarry, located near the Eduardo VII park (named after Edward VII who loved it here and visited often). This totally surpassed the botanical gardens nearer the centre of Lisbon. Both cost only €3 entry, representing good value for a capital city.

Estufa Fria
Lisbon Military museum

The Military Museum is worth a visit for the stunning architecture alone, beautiful ceilings and wall murals takes the visitor through various military occurrences, admission is only €1.

The coast Our daughter learnt to crawl in Estoril some 35 years ago so this brought back many happy memories. We’ve taken our children to many places and nowhere are young people so treasured as here! We loved going back to Caiscais too, then a quaint fishing marina, there’s an element of ‘sun and sand brigadeness’ here, Irish and English bars for example, but that doesn’t detract from the beauty of this area:

Caiscais bay again

Poshmum strongly recommends this lovely City and its surroundings, we find the Portuguese to be genuine and warm. You will notice large amounts of graffiti everywhere, trains, buildings, signage and even the cacti in the botanical garden! Street art or vandalism? Depends on your perspective!

As with most major cities do take care of pickpockets in the touristy areas.

At the time of our visit there was no coronavirus in Lisbon or the rest of Portugal, although sadly a couple of cases are now in Porto. Both Lisbon and Paris airports had numerous travelers wearing masks, these are worrying times unfortunately and its also increasing at home, let’s hope this improves soon and spread prevented once vaccines are developed.

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