rusty and gleaming gems

Don’t think I can buy a gallon of petrol here or gas as our USA friends would say! Wouldn’t this look cool in your backyard??
This stunning beauty would certainly brighten your neighbourhood!
Just how did these rusty relics get here? And it seems to have rained cats and dogs!
Just love this one obviously lovingly restored.
Fancy an ice cream 🍦 🍨
Now this is glorious but maybe a bit over the top for our humble avenue
Just love this well looked after motor
Wouldn’t this be the best for a drive in Saturday?
Think this one is beyond most budgets
This is actually one of my favourites although I don’t think it’s up for a parade down town!
Rustic tram in Lisbon, Portugal. Hard to think it was only last February when I took a few rides on these. Just love Lisbon its so much more relaxing than many capital cities.
Saw this sorry specimen on a walk in Seaton, County Durham today, what a waste. Perhaps this one should at least be upcycled into slightly scorched garden planters?

Like these photos maybe follow my blog. Take care and stay strong and safe in these troubled times ❤

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